ASBP: Blood Distribution Chart - How all the ASBP components work together
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Delivery of quality blood products depends on the individual components of the ASBP Blood Distribution System working together. The diagram below represents how blood (red solid lines), pre-positioned frozen blood (red dotted lines), and reports (blue dotted lines) flow within the system and demonstrates areas where efforts are coordinated (gray dashed lines). Acronyms used in the chart are defined below and include links to more detailed information about each component of the system.

Blood Distribution Chart
Blood Distribution Chart Text Description


AJBPO: Area Joint Blood Program Office
Armed Services Blood Bank Center - Joint Service Blood Donor Center
Armed Services Blood Program Office
ASWBPL: Armed Services Whole Blood Processing Laboratory
BDC: Blood Donor Centers
BPD: Blood Product Depots
BSD: Blood Support Detachment
CIV: Civilian
EBTS: Expeditionary Blood Transshipment System
FSSG: Force Service Support Groups
JBPO: Joint Blood Program Office
SBPO: Service Blood Program Office
USA: United States Army
USAF: United States Air Force
USN: United States Navy