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Fort Bliss Blood Donor Center
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Welcome to the Fort Bliss Blood Donor Center website. As part of the Armed Services Blood Program (ASBP), the official United States military blood program, your donation serves as a vital link to military service members and their families worldwide.

Thank you for answering the call to donate blood! Your support is greatly appreciated. Your donations make a difference to our deployed troops and their families.

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Photo Gallery
"Robbie the Blood Drop" stands in front of the Fort Bliss Blood Donor Center as hospital employees and patients leave the William Beaumont Army Medical Center. Robbie waved as people honked on their way past the donor center.  It was also done to bring awareness to where the blood donor center is located.

Blood Drop Larger Than Life
He's a big, red inflatable blood drop who is quiet and mysterious, yet always smiling and ready to convey the need for blood donors for the Armed Services Blood...

Sgt. Brandon Bednarek (front), and his fiancé, Staff Sgt. Rene Headley (back), donate platelets together at the Fort Bliss Blood Donor Center.  The military couple usually donates at separate times due to their hectic schedule, but this time they were able to donate together.

The Couple with Hearts of Gold
While dating, many couples go to dinner, movies or any activity that sparks their interest. But Staff Sgt. Rene Headley and her fiancé, Sgt. Brandon Bednarek, do...

Spc. Jennie Hartman donates her 18th donation of platelets over two-years.  Hartman was awarded the Army Achievement Medal for her commitment to donating platelets.

Husband and Wife Duo Save Lives Together
More than two years ago, Spc. Jennie Hartman was asked if she would donate platelets at the Fort Bliss Blood Donor Center. She agreed and became a regular platelet ...

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