Armed Services Blood Program (ASBP): The Official Blood Program of the United States Military
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Follow Navy Captain Fahie, program director, as he visits critical military blood program locations.

Visit the ASBP page on Check out the ASBP on the MHS and DHA website.
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Press Releases

Soldiers Donate 80 Units to Become Top Donor in 1st Quarter
The day-to-day mission at this Missouri post sees seasoned combat veterans transform civilians into Soldiers and Soldiers into trained combat warriors. At Charlie...

Military Blood Program Marketing Team Attends ADRP Conference
Members of the Armed Services Blood Program Strategic Communications and Marketing team went a “mile high” to “be a part of something good” when they traveled to...

Blood Donors Saving Lives across the Globe
The Naval Hospital Camp Lejeune Blood Donor Center collects approximately 5,000 units of blood per year, with platelets and plasma being collected daily to serve...

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