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Our Story, Part II: Where We Are (Jessica Pellegrini, ASBP Staff Writer)
Where is the Armed Services Blood Program located? The answer in its simplest form is worldwide. The ASBP is responsible for providing blood and blood products to deployed service members in the heart of the battlefield, wherever and whenever that may be. Anyone receiving blood or blood products in a combat area will receive blood through the ASBP.

Blood Drop Larger Than Life (Lori A. Kuczmanski, ASBP Blood Donor Recruiter, Fort Bliss, Texas)
He’s a big, red inflatable blood drop who is quiet and mysterious, yet always smiling and ready to convey the need for blood donors for the Armed Services Blood Program. “Robbie the Blood Drop,” as he’s commonly known on Fort Bliss, Texas, is the ASBP mascot for the Fort Bliss Blood Donor Center.

ASBP Director Thanks Donors at Dover AFB, ASBBC Staff (Jessica Pellegrini, ASBP Staff Writer)
Navy Capt. Roland Fahie, director of the Armed Services Blood Program, traveled to Dover Air Force Base Aug. 8 to thank donors and blood drive staff members for their service to the military blood program. The Walter Reed National Military Medical Center ASBBC has made the three-hour commute to Dover AFB since March 2011.

Longtime Donor Finds New Way to Give (Erin Longacre, Blood Donor Recruiter, Fort Gordon, Ga.)
Army Maj. Christoph Himmelsbach is no stranger to donating lifesaving blood products. The communications officer has given many gallons during his military career. Although his donations have mostly been platelet donation, he recently signed up for something new at the Kendrick Memorial Blood Center on Fort Gordon, Ga.

It Starts at the Top (Wendy Binder, ASBP Blood Donor Recruiter, Camp Lejeune, N.C.)
Platelet donors are always needed and can sometimes be hard to come by. Part of the reason it is hard to find donors is mainly due to time. Because the donation time for platelets takes longer than a whole blood donation, many donors just simply can’t get away from work to support it. That is why each platelet donor is so valued and always greatly appreciated.

58th Transportation Battalion Donates Blood, Saves Lives (Carl Norman, ASBP Recruiter, Fort Leonard Wood, Mo.)
They come to Charlie Company, 58th Transportation Battalion every three weeks seeking training as Army transportation specialists. Driving five-ton trucks, 915 semi-trucks and the M1120 HEMTT Load Handling Systems for missions around the world, the Army simply doesn’t move without these Soldiers.

2nd Medical Battalion Motivated to Save Lives (Wendy Binder, ASBP Blood Donor Recruiter, Camp Lejeune, N.C.)
The Naval Hospital Camp Lejeune Blood Donor Center held a blood drive with the 2nd Medical Battalion recently, and the turnout was amazing. As a recruiter I know the need and extreme importance of blood donations. I knew that by holding a blood drive with this battalion...

Is My Blood Donation Safe? (Mark Salcedo, ASBP Blood Donor Recruiter, Fort Sam Houston, Texas)
The safety of both blood donors and recipients is the primary goal for the ASBP. Each step of the blood donation process is designed to make sure that the donors are safe and that the donated blood does not cause harm to those receiving the products. The blood bank industry, by design, is stringently regulated to ensure your safety.

ASBP, CFC Partner for Blood Drive (Cpl. Victor A. Arriaga, Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point)
The Armed Services Blood Program and Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point’s Combined Federal Campaign accepted blood donations from Marines, Sailors and civilians during a blood drive Aug. 5 at the air station. The ASBP provides a supply of blood for service members, veterans and their families facing life threatening situations. As a joint operation across the military services, the ASBP has collects...

Going the Distance to Save Lives (Cesar Fontanilla, ASBP Blood Donor Recruiter, Camp Pendleton, Calif.)
Recently, four dedicated California Army reservists from the 1st Battalion (MP), 2nd Brigade (Civil Support) donated blood to the Armed Services Blood Program. Despite the heavy traffic and commute from Joint Forces Training Base, Los Alamitos, Calif., the Soldiers traveled to Camp Pendleton, Calif., to roll up their sleeves for the military.

RIMPAC: ASBP Assists USNS Mercy Blood Bank (LCDR Frederick Matheu, Joint Blood Program Officer, PACOM)
Staff from the Naval Medical Center San Diego and Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton augmented the USNS Mercy (T-AH-19) blood bank in support of the 2014 Rim of the Pacific exercise, or RIMPAC. The USNS Mercy received blood products from NMCSD in order to provide...

Counting on Platelet Donors (Jerrick Alexander, ASBP Blood Donor Recruiter, Pentagon Blood Donor Center)
Many people are familiar with aspects of their blood such as cholesterol numbers, but do you know your platelet count? Did you know that platelets can save lives? Platelets are the "sticky cells" in blood that are essential for clotting. The cells help stop bleeding by sticking together to form a clot.

Timeless Family Traditions (Jeffery Diffy, ASBP Blood Donor Recruiter, North Chicago, Ill.)
Navy family members have been spotted in Great Lakes! But they aren’t the usual excited family members seen weekly at the gates when a graduation is taking place. The Larson, Anderson and Diffy families have a tradition of serving in the military and donating blood to the Armed Services Blood Program.

Freeze-dried Plasma Saves Special Ops Soldiers (News 4 San Antonio Video)
The Army Blood Program is currently involved in a pilot study to collect licensed fresh frozen plasma to be converted to freeze dried plasma. The main goal of the Army Blood Program’s freeze dried plasma initiative is to significantly increase the survival rate of soldiers on the battlefield.

Housekeeping Day at the ASBBC (Vikki Fernette, ASBP Blood Donor Recruiter, Bethesda, Md.)
For the blood collection team at the Armed Services Blood Bank Center at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Md., Fridays are designated as housekeeping day. Preparing for the week ahead on the road to area military bases to collect lifesaving blood products takes a great deal of preparation.