Armed Services Blood Program (ASBP): The Official Blood Program of the United States Military
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Recruiting the Best of Marines and Donors
Five to six times a year, the U.S. Marine Corps Recruiters School opens its doors to the mobile collection team from the Naval Medical Center San Diego Blood Donor...

A Direct Connection: Supporting ASBP Comes Easy to MCSC
The Marine Corps Systems Command (MCSC) at Marine Corps Base Quantico once again stepped up and rolled up their sleeves during their recently held Armed Services...

From Both Sides of the Chair: Graduate Lab Techs Learn, Study and Give
The Army Military Laboratory Technician (MLT) Program prepares graduates to support their nation as entry-level medical laboratory technicians throughout the Army....

Blood Center at Sand Hill Saves Lives One Pint at a Time
Sand Hill at Fort Benning is home to various one-station unit and basic training companies tasked with the mission of turning civilians into Soldiers. Sand Hill is...

Memorial Day