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Blood Ties: Two FBI Employees in Baltimore Have Strong Roots in Military Health Care
There is no doubt that people in law enforcement are just as much heroes as those in the military. Although everyone does not want to make the military a career,...

31st MEU Debuts Lifesaving Expeditionary Blood Bank While Embarked Aboard America Expeditionary Strike Group, Cobra Gold 20
The 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit commits to improving lifesaving combat medicine through its Expeditionary Blood Bank, the first employed on a MEU....

Armed Services Blood Program Drive Supports Military-First Mission
On a frontline, a truck full of soldiers has struck a roadside IED. The platoon scrambles to defend their position and soldiers go into overdrive to extract injured ...

Marines Spread Holiday Spirit by Giving Blood
The Marines from Assault Amphibian School rolled up their sleeves at Camp Pendleton to spread the spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday by giving blood....

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