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3 Easy Steps to Donate! 1. Find a blood drive 2. Select a date 3.Make your appointment

Be a Blood Donor, SAVE LIVES

You've got what it takes to save three lives with a single donation. By giving a little of yourself, your donation gives sick or injured troops and their families a second chance at life.

Blood and blood products are used for patients of all ages for many reasons�from cancer patients to those with battlefield injuries, military members and their families depend on blood donors every day.

Your donation can save:
  • A service member injured in action
  • A child with cancer
  • A family member in need of heart surgery

It's easy to save lives! By committing to give blood at least once a season, you help ensure that blood is available when it is needed most. Give blood now by scheduling your donation appointment online.

Where to Give Blood

Thumbnail image of a map showing the location of each Blood Donor CenterThere are more than 20 ASBP blood donor centers (BDCs) in the United States and around the world. In addition to whole blood donation, some BDCs offer platelet apheresis donation. So what are you waiting for? Find a blood donor center near you today!



COVID-19 and Blood Donation

The ASBP is continuing our mission to provide safe and potent blood products during the coronavirus pandemic, taking additional safety measures recommended by the Food and Drug Administration and Centers for Disease Control. We are also seeking convalescent plasma donors from those who have recovered from COVID-19. For information on COVID-19 safety measures and eligibility to donate convalescent plasma (CCP), see our COVID-19 and Blood Donation page.

We Still Need You!

Even if you are deferred from donating, we still need you!

When you organize a blood drive, ask others to donate, volunteer at blood drives, or simply watch a friend's children so they can donate, you play a part by helping those in need.

Click here to find more ways to help.

Our Donors Go the Distance!

The Adventures of Jim and Linda!For several years, two amazing donors, Jim and Linda Parker, traveled across the U.S. raising awareness of the very real need for blood. Starting in 2009, the couple challenged themselves to donate at each one of the Armed Services Blood Program blood donor centers. Several years later, their journey is complete, but their stories live on. Visit the Adventures of Jim and Linda to see stories and photos from each one of their stops.

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