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Freeze-Dried Plasma

Freeze-Dried Plasma Campaign Seeks To Increase Battlefield Survival Rates

The Army Blood Program — a service component of the tri-service Armed Services Blood Program — is currently involved in an initiative to collect licensed fresh frozen plasma to be converted to freeze-dried plasma. The main goal of the freeze-dried plasma initiative is to significantly increase the survival rate of Soldiers on the battlefield.

Today, six of the ASBP’s donor centers — located at Fort Bragg, N.C.; Fort Gordon, Ga.; Fort Sam Houston, Texas; Joint Base Lewis-Chord, Wash.; Landstuhl, Germany; and the Tripler Army Medical Center, Hawaii — are participating in the freeze-dried program. If you would like to donate, contact the local blood donor recruiter at those locations for more information.

About Plasma: Frequently Asked Questions

What is plasma?

Why should I donate plasma?

How is donating plasma different from donating whole blood?

How often can I donate plasma?

Am I eligible to donate plasma?

About Freeze-Dried Plasma: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the history of freeze-dried plasma?

Why use freeze-dried plasma?

Why switch from fresh frozen plasma on the battlefield?

What is the process for donating plasma for the freeze-dried plasma program?

Am I eligible to donate plasma for the freeze-dried plasma program?

Why do I have to return 60 days after my donation to participate in the freeze-dried plasma program?

What is the difference between a single unit plasma donation and a multi-collection plasma donation?

How does the FDA's Emergency Use Authorization (EAU) of French-manufactured FDP impact the ASBP?

Freeze-dried plasma vs. fresh frozen plasma

StorageDoes not require dry ice or freezing. No refrigeration required in theater.Requires dry ice and freezing.

Must be stored at or below -18 degrees Celsius. Requires refrigeration in theater.
ShippingMinimal temperature control requirements, therefore easier shipping.Must be shipped in special containers with dry ice.
Shelf life2 years

4 hours (after reconstitution)
1 year (frozen)

5 days (after thawing)
In theaterDoes not need to undergo thawing process once in theater. Quickly reconstituted (in less than 6 minutes) with water, when needed on the battlefield.Must be thawed prior to use, using special equipment. Thaw time is approximately 20-30 minutes before it can be used on the battlefield.

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